Trolling of Dr. Tamilisai and Asifa

In a broad light, we may feel that Dr. Tamilisai and Asifa are not linked but the truth is they are. Dr. Tamilisai is the state head of BJP who is been trolled immensely for looks. She has a curly hair and a dark complexion. When we can understand that African origin girls can have their own way of hairdressing but failed to see it in a sister of our own ethnicity. The feminists speak that woman should not be seen as an object of sexuality. For not seeing a woman as a sexual object, she should be respected for her looks. Accepting a woman`s physical look as it is, is one of the feminist agenda. But as a society, we failed to do it a woman who is the leader of a party, then imagine other unnamed Tamilisai`s out there who would be trolled for their looks.

India is the country of snake chambers was the name given by the Europeans some 200 years ago and now the name we got from the international world is we are a country of rapists. For this name to change, it`s high time we do something. For any big problem, the solution starts at the grassroots level. The starting point would be respecting a woman for who she is. As a woman when you see, listen or hear anyone trolling her looks be it your father, mother, husband, father-in-law, grandmother, sister-in-law, aunt, friend, lover; to say in short anyone or anything from memes to movies raise your voice and stop it from happening.

The silence of the good is worse than the action of the evil-doer. Let`s not be silent and make sure no one be it man, woman, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender trolled for their looks. Please don`t limit this to just the electronic platform but to the wider space of real actual people, you see around. This I believe will be a small step towards of not crying for another rape victim. Speak up before its too late.

Some of you may be thinking how this is going to change the scenario. When people are not trolled for their looks, we would see more intellectual people coming out and shining. When we think of any major change makers be it Einstein or Gandhi or Kalam had their own way of presenting themselves and the society accepted them as they were. When this happens with other genders namely woman and LGBT communities. I am pretty sure we see a changed society and find every gender person respecting each other living in a total harmony.

Looking forward to a better India for my sons and daughters.



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